Top Ten Ways You Know You Have A Great Temp

All Star Top Ten Temps

10. They work two shifts in a day, one at Nike and the other at the Vancouver Marriot and their only transportation is a bicycle.
9. They drop what they are doing and go for last minute jobs.
8. They turn timesheets in early! On-time is great, but early? So great!
7. They are willing to work a variety of jobs that have different pay rates.
6. They are filed with gratitude, recently released from serving time and just want to work.
5. They are Jack & Janet’s of all trades. Willing and able to work admin to construction jobs.
4. They easily adapt to different client environments and do great work.
3. They stick through difficult things and end up being the last temp standing with a full time hire. Positive attitudes go a very long way.
2. They have grace. We all make mistakes (including us) but when we take ownership, show humility and move on it brings success.

And the number one way you know you have a great temp is…
1 . The client asks them back by name!

Thank you #AllStars!

Oregon’s Recidivism Rate, Reentry from Prison and How You Can Help

This week I went to visit Mercy Corps Northwest, part of the U.S. economic development office of Mercy Corps, the Portland-based international relief and development agency. Mercy Corps Northwest is the assumed business name for the 501(C)3 non-profit, Mercy Enterprise Corporation, established in 1998. Mercy Corps Northwest is committed to assisting low-income citizens of Oregon and Washington to create more productive, secure and satisfying lives for themselves, their families and their communities. They support them in increasing their economic self-sufficiency and community integration by providing resources and support in their efforts to improve their lives.

The MCNW program that is most near and dear to our heart is the Reentry Transition Center (RTC). The RTC has several goals including assisting formerly incarcerated individuals in connecting with communities by providing for their immediate needs and navigation to essential services as well as foster safer and more stable communities for everyone by increasing the rate of successful reintegration. Over 2,500 individuals are released from jail back into the communities of Multnomah County each year, the highest of all Oregon counties. Former prisoners are often released with little or no assets, limited ties to the community, and low awareness of available services and programs to help. The current Recidivism rate in Oregon is over 50%! The bottom line for us here at All Star Labor & Staffing is – if you can’t get basic needs during reentry, you will likely end up back in the system because you have no tools to get the second chance that many ex-felons so desperately want and need. Sometimes all a person needs is help getting ID and a pair of workboats in order to get a labor job. The greatest needs for a successful reentry are housing, healthcare, immediate jobs, ID and Boots. The amazing staff at Mercy Corps Northwest is a beacon of hope for those who often feel totally hopeless.

Mercy Corps has so many success stories, as do we here at All Star as we strive to help people with backgrounds get jobs. Life is a daily struggle for so many during reentry, it’s hard work, so the least we can do is lend a hand. I sat at Mercy Corps on my visit, talking with Brian Judd Jr., navigator/Program Manager of the (RTC) and talked about the struggles they are facing as a fiscal cliff is looming over there head. They will run out of County funding in March 2017. They learned a very hard lesson this year – don’t take for granted that you serve over 1,000 people a year when you are contracted through the County to only serve 360. Unfortunately, the grant that Mercy Corps wrote for this last fiscal year did not include all the services and tracking of success that it should have and another non-profit won the grant with the help of a hired grant writing expert. They will survive, because they are survivors. They will get funding for a variety of community programs to survive the year and then they will not make the same mistake twice in writing an inferior grant. We need Mercy Corps Northwest RTC and right now, they need us. You can donate any amount to change a life right here in the Pacific Northwest, or you could volunteer your time, using your talents and expertise to help an aspiring entrepreneur, tutor or mentor someone returning to our community from incarceration, or help out in their office in downtown Portland. The easiest way to help is to go through your closets and pull out old coats and clothes you no longer need. They would love any size, male or female. If they don’t give away your donation at their center, they will make sure it goes to the domestic violence center so kids clothes and coats are much appreciated as well.

Please consider any type of help, especially through the next fiscal year. Join them in creating just, productive and secure communities in the Pacific NW.

Meet our Partner: American Admin, Inc.

You may not know this but we are not just a staffing company, actually the staffing company grew out of our first business American Admin, Inc. American Admin is a PEO company. Not many people have any idea what that means so let me break it down. (PEO) stands for Professional Employer Organization. American Admin serves hundreds of businesses that are small to mid-sized, in 6 states. Our team has over 22 years’ experience in the Employee Leasing Industry, yet another term used to describe a PEO. Our group of human resource specialists help small and mid-sized businesses manage their employee needs by providing:

• Administration Service
• Workers’ Compensation, including administration and audit.
• Company Group Insurance Plans
• Employment Taxes
• Human Resource Management
• Labor Law Compliance
• Management of Garnishment, Court Orders for IRS levies and Child Support.
• On-Site Safety Consultants
• Payroll Processing, including direct deposit.
• Professional Human Resource Consulting
• Risk Management
• Processing for new-hires

Many employers did not get into business to become human resource specialists, payroll administrators, tax collectors, benefits administrator, insurance analyst, workers compensation safety professional, or the garnisher of wages, but the PEO experts at American Admin did. Our entire staff has spent years staying within state and federal guidelines for thousands of employees as well as create an important employment base that helps support some of the best jobs in Oregon.

How can we help you? It’s a simple process. Enjoy the expert benefits of outsourcing. We take your employees and put them under our federal and state tax identification numbers and lease them back to you while providing all of the HR Solutions, payroll administration, and hands-on management that is needed to help your company save time, cut costs, and support your success.

In the process we become co-employers. You still guide and direct your employees daily activities and we take on all the fiduciary responsibilities of being the employer. OH – and don’t forget, we have temporary or direct hire employees at the ready in case you need some extra helping hands as your business grows.

~ All Star Labor & Staffing and American Admin Inc.

10 Traits That Every Successful Employee Needs

If you are worried you might be un-employable, or you don’t have the skills or enough education – think again. Stop doubting yourself, you can be the person that staffing companies LOVE to put to work. If you have the following 10 qualities, then your future is looking up!

  1. Being on time – Punctuality is key, trust me, your employer is watching. If you are always on time, ready to work at your designated time, you will definitely earn respect from your boss.
  2. Work Ethic – One MUST put great effort into working hard at one’s job and duties. This goes to your character; it shows your employer that you are trustworthy.
  3. Effort – The effort you put into a job is directly related to your achievements. The result of hard work and never giving up when the tough gets going will bring great rewards.
  4. Body Language – This can get you in trouble! Gestures, unconscious bodily movements, facial expressions, etc. serve as nonverbal communication. It can be very hard for those who wear your heart on your sleeve, but remember your nonverbal expressions can speak volumes to an employer.
  5. Energy – This can be your capacity to do work. It is an intangible force that can often be characterized as either positive or negative by an employer. Remember your vibe is going to leave an impression.
  6. Attitude – Now this one includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. It is the manner of acting your feelings out, it is one’s disposition, opinion and mind set.
  7. Passion – If you love what you do – it shows. Find something you love, something that inspires you to go to work every day. At All Star, our passion is helping those who might need a second chance as well as helping as many people as possible find suitable employment.
  8. Being Coachable – This is huge! If you have ever played youth sports you know that being coachable was the way to win the coaches heart. In the work world, you have to be able to listen to instructions, take criticism with grace and try new ways of doing things that may be out of your comfort zone.
  9. Doing Extra – Going above and beyond will get you noticed. This is one of the best gestures you can do at a job. Showing that you are a team player, willing to work until the job is done and that you are ready for more. Doing extra helps you climb that pay scale ladder!
  10. Being Prepared – Especially if you go through a staffing agency, this is key. You will be sent out on jobs, sometimes with little notice and you need to make sure you don’t show up to a job unprepared. You will get all the necessary information from All Star Labor & Staffing so make sure you pay attention. If you show up wearing sandals to a construction zone – you’re going to be sent home with no pay. Details are always important.