One Family’s Success – A True Community Effort

Recently, our Albany All Star Labor & Staffing office was mentioned in a great article by Family Tree Relief Nursery about one of our own community family success stories. From struggling to find housing and work; to finally being able to find and settle into a full-time, permanent job with a reputable local businesses. This families success story is one to read and be proud of our community coming together to help each other!

Mark and Susan have been sober for a year and moved to Sweet Home in August of 2017 with their son Billy, hoping to make a fresh start. After struggling to find housing and resources, Mark and Susan were forced to live in a tent by the river. As a result, DHS became involved in their lives in October, and Billy was removed from their care. They took a bus once a week to DHS to visit with Billy.

Imagine you are Billy, a 4-year-old boy who loves his parents very much and hates only getting to see them once a week. Billy struggled with seeing his parents so stressed out.

In February of 2018, Mark and Susan were referred to Family Tree Relief Nursery by their DHS Child Welfare caseworker. Within a week of working with a Family Navigator and Visitation Coach, Mark and Susan moved into one of the shelters in Albany and were able to visit Billy twice a week for 4 hours at Family Tree Relief Nursery, where we have therapeutic and welcoming visitation rooms. In their first week in Albany, Mark and Susan were connected to community resources like CHANCE, who assisted them in obtaining their Birth Certificates so they could get their Oregon IDs. Thanks to the kindness of our donors, we were also able to assist Mark in getting steel-toed boots to start work at a job found through connecting him with All-Star Labor and Staffing in Albany. Mark was able to obtain a full-time position with benefits. Susan has also been connected with medical resources to help her deal with a chronic illness. Both Mark and Susan also enrolled in our weekly parent education class.

Since partnering with Family Tree Relief Nursery, Mark and Susan have made huge strides in meeting their goals. After months of hard work, Mark and Susan were able to clear their biggest hurdle: housing. After completing numerous application, Mark and Susan were finally rewarded with their second chance and were approved for an apartment; their first home together. With the help of their Family Navigator and their DHS Child Welfare Caseworker, Mark and Susan were able to move in less than a week after being approved. Staff connected Mark and Susan with Furniture Share in Corvallis and were able to get their new home furnished. Mark and Susan have moved into Community Visits with their Family Tree Visitation Coach, where they are able to take Billy into the community during supervised visits. They enjoy many activities as a family including swimming at the YMCA, going to the arcade and visiting the Albany Carousel.

As a result of their hard work and partnership with Family Tree Relief Nursery, Billy was able to be reunited with his parents in early June of 2018. Thanks to the generosity of our community, we were able to present Billy with a “Welcome Home Basket” full of toys, books, sheets, and more so he could truly celebrate being reunited with his parents (see above picture).

Article by Family Tree Relief Nursery. For more information or to learn more about them, please visit their website at

What it Takes to be a True All Star Employee

All Star Labor & Staffing is just that… All Stars. We pride ourselves on having some of the greatest employees there are. But what does it mean to be a true All Star employee? True All Stars show up early, go above and beyond, have an open mind, a positive attitude, and show gratitude for opportunities. These are the employees that we are proud to provide to the successfully growing businesses we work with.

Be on time.

Punctuality is a must no matter the job. Showing up late looks poorly on an employee and it may appear that an employer’s time is not important. Good rule of thumb is always show up at least fifteen minutes early, this way you get in, get your stuff put away and are ready to start right on time. If you are ever running behind, it is also a good idea to notify your employer.

Be a team player.

Companies our built on team work, so it is essential to be able to work well individually and as a team. Good team work benefits everyone by getting the work done more quickly, combines many great ideas, and can improve employee relations.

Respect your employer.

Always remember you are representing their business so you need to be respectful of the company at all times. Listen to instructions, follow company policies, be courteous, and never talk back or ill of your employer. Showing respect goes a long way.

Be dependable.

Nothing speaks louder than being dependable and keeping your word. Carefully listen to instructions, and follow through with what has been asked of you. If you don’t think you can accomplish something in the required time, speak up. Always keep your word, as trust is vital in the workplace.

Be flexible.

Unfortunately some jobs won’t always go your way, so it is helpful to have an open mind and be adaptable. If you’re against change, it may make it difficult to find a place for you within the company in the long run. Be open to trying new things, working new shifts, and learning new skills as this will also benefit you.

Be productive.

Nothing can replace the value of hard work. There are many people that just view work as a nine to five and only do the bare minimum, but you always need to have productive attitude and look for what more you could be doing. No matter the task, you need to have passion and go the extra mile. For example, if you finish your task ahead of schedule, go find another project you can start working on.

Have a positive attitude.

No matter what you have going on in your home life, you need to shake that off and come into work every day with a positive attitude. Your positive energy will be contagious to those around you which makes for a more positive work place.

There are many other traits to being an outstanding employee, but the most important thing to focus on every day is how you can contribute your best self to this company and job. With that mindset you will succeed and be a True All Star Employee.

Benefits to “Temp” Jobs

While All Star Labor & Staffing is known for our variety in lengths of jobs, one that actually has the most benefits are our short term temporary jobs. What are temporary jobs or “temp” jobs? They are short term assignments that could possibly turn into permanent position. Many of our employees embrace these opportunities to learn a new skill by working on different projects for a variety of companies.

Here are some other benefits from doing temp work:

  • Gain practical work experience and learn a new skill in either your field of interest or a new career.
  • Earn extra money while waiting to land that perfect job.
  • Meet new people that can help you in job networking.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Fills time gaps in resume.

Another great advantage of working temp jobs is we work around YOUR schedule. You let us know when you’re available and we will work to find jobs that fit around it.

So if you like a variety and a challenge, and are looking to gain new skills, give us a call today! You will sit down with one of our highly trained recruiters who will get to know you and what you are looking for. They will find out what skills you currently have and what you would be interested in. Let us know your schedule and we will get to work for you!