Tips for Getting Back Into the Workforce after Long-Term Unemployment

With Oregon’s unemployment rate at a historical low rate, many people are able to find work that were not able to before. If you are one of these individuals, you may be having some mixed feeling about getting back into the workforce, and that’s completely normal. A common feeling right now may be anxiety, but there is no need to worry yourself, now is a better time than ever to get back in the saddle. To help guide you through this transitioning phase, we have put together a list of tips to ease you back in.

Tips for Getting Back Into the Workforce after Long-Term Unemployment

Apply with All Star Labor & Staffing

Going through all the online job boards and filling out endless applications can be very tiring, but if you apply with All Star, you won’t just be applying for one job, you’ll be applying for ALL of our jobs! We understand gaps in work history and we are always willing to work around that and find you employment that you want.

Dust off your resume

Yes, your employment gaps will show up on your applications and resume, but you just need to be prepared to explain your situation. You can adjust your resume to avoid those gaps being the first thing someone sees by doing a career summary resume to highlight your top qualifications. This will draw attention to your selling points and downplay your work history.  We also always suggest having a cover letter to be included with your resume. This is a great tool to utilize a couple sentences to explain your unemployment until you get an opportunity to interview.

Get back into a work schedule routine

While you’re away from a regimented work schedule, you tend to go more with the flow in regards to your daily schedule, but that will all change when you start working again. Prior to starting your new job, it is a good idea to get into the habit of getting on a schedule again so you can find how everything will fit into your day. Once you are offered a position, find out the hours and start working your day around it, such as, wake up times, meals, workouts, knowing when to drop off kids, etc.

Limit your outside obligations

If you’ve been unemployed for a long period of time you may be amazed at how exhausting being in the workforce again may be. This goes for both physically and mentally as your head may be spinning with trying to learn so much and remember everything. This will get much easier and your body will get adjusted, but for the first couple weeks, it may be best to pare down on workweek activities before or after work. Allow yourself to get adjusted.

Be humble 

Once you start your new job, it’s best to not over stress yourself right from the get go. It’s okay to be the rookie in your new role. Set realistic goals for yourself and don’t feel pressured to learn it all in your first week. Get comfortable in your role, observe your colleagues and adapt to the flow of your environment.

Get to know your coworkers

Having someone to talk to will make this transition so much easier on you, and you may even make a new friend in the process. Be friendly and introduce yourself to everyone you meet. Having a friendly coworker can alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with starting a new job and they are great for answering all the many questions that come along with a new work environment.

No matter the duration of your unemployment, if you are physically and mentally ready to return to work, you can do this! Apply today with us and let us help get your back into the workforce.

What’s a Cover Letter and Why’s it Important?

You know you’ve seen it before. You’re reading a job posting and at the end you see the words, “Submit your resume and cover letter.” Many applicants are deterred from this little phrase and they shouldn’t be. This is an opportunity to let yourself stand out from other candidates and tell why you are the better choice in a way that your resume cannot. So next time you see that phrase in your job search, don’t pass on applying, take advantage of it and put together a great cover letter. Here we will explain what a cover letter is, what makes it different from a resume, why it is important, and some great tips to successfully write one.

What’s a Cover Letter and Why’s it Important?

By definition, the term cover letter means, “A letter sent with, and explaining the contents of, another document or a parcel of goods.” A cover letter is a letter of introduction which allows you to tell a little more about yourself in a way that your resume may not be able to. Resumes are designed to simply list your qualification, skills, education and accomplishments. When writing a cover letter you will want to explain why you are the top candidate and why your set of skill, and qualifications included in your resume make you ideal for this position and the company. Here are some simple tips to follow:

  • Tailor each cover letter specific to the job you are applying for.
  • Research the company or organization and explain why you are a good fit.
  • Read the company’s mission statement and explain why you relate to it.
  • Fully read the job description and describe why you are the ideal candidate.
  • Describe what about the job attracted you to apply.
  • Avoid summarizing your resume.
  • Keep it one page.
  • Proofread and proofread again.

Cover letters are also a great opportunity to explain circumstances that a resume does not allow you to. For example, if you have gaps in your employment, reentering the workplace, or changing careers. A cover letter is a great way to explain these in a positive way.

As you can see, cover letters are a very important tool in your job search as they can give you many opportunities in a way that resumes cannot. Many hiring managers or recruiters will read your cover letter first and sometimes may pass on your resume if they are dissatisfied with the quality of your cover letter. So it is important to sit down and take a moment to put together a good quality template for your cover letter that will be sure to catch someone’s eye.

If you or someone you know if looking for employment, please visit our website at for available jobs and our online application. Which will allow you to upload both your resume and cover letter.

6 Essential Steps to Prepare for an Interview

Congratulations! You’ve completed the application process, the interview has been scheduled, and you’re getting excited for this opportunity, but wait… you must prepare yourself before stepping foot into that interview. Planning ahead for an interview and being organized will make a world of difference in your appearance, your answers, and your confidence. So when it comes to possibly that dream job, don’t you want to be prepared to ace the interview?

6 Essential Steps to Prepare for an Interview


Research the organization

Knowledge is power when it comes to being prepared for an interview. Take time beforehand to research the company or organization. It’s important to visit their website and learn as much about the company and their mission as possible. Look at their social media to see if their culture would be a good environmental fit for you. Don’t stop there though, ask friends about the company, read some news releases and of course, look at Google to get multiple sources about the company.

Prepare your responses

Before you set foot into an interview, research common interview questions and practice answering them until you feel confident. Ask a friend to help you do some role play in answering questions, especially the tough ones to help you come prepared. Remember, if there is a certain field you are applying for, plan ahead for those specific those questions.

Plan what to wear

While there is no need to over-stress about what you are wearing for your interview, it is important to have it planned out ahead of time. An expectation on what to wear will be determined by the company you are applying for, so do a little investigating prior to your interview. Does everyone dress in business attire? So should you. Does everyone dress in blue collar work clothes? Come dressed in clean, buttoned up work clothes. As I always tell anyone that calls prior to an interview wondering what to wear, “It never hurts to overdress.” Have your outfit cleaned and laid out ready to go for your interview so you’re not shuffling right before hand to find matching items.

Get directions

Look up the address and figure out how much time is needed for travel and early arrival. Consider busy times and traffic conditions and make adjustments. If you’re getting a ride, confirm with your transportation the evening prior. Punctuality is very important, so don’t hurt your chances before you even get there.

Show up organized

Organize and collect all your items into a nice professional folder the evening before. These items could include:

  • Copies of your resume
  • List of references
  • Note to self of who you are scheduled to interview with
  • Pen and paper
  • I-9 verifying documents. If you’re unsure what document can be used, call ahead to confirm.
  • Information you may need to complete and application.
  • Work clothes ready if needed. Sometimes applicants can go straight from an interview to a worksite, so it never hurts to have work attire in your vehicle ready to go.

Have questions ready

You don’t want to go home after your interview and suddenly remember all the questions you wanted to ask but forgot, so write them down if you need to! Avoid yes or no questions. Try asking questions like:

  • “What qualities does it take to excel in this job?”
  • “Can you tell me more about the day to day responsibilities of this role?”
  • “Describe the culture of the company.”

One of the most important questions you will need to come prepared with are follow up questions. These questions will alleviate uneasy feelings after an interview thinking, “Now what?” Try asking questions like:

  • “When should I expect to hear from you?”
  • “What is the best method to follow up with you? (Be sure to grab their business card.)
  • “What will be the next step if I am selected for this position?”

Always be sure to follow up after an interview! Give an appropriate amount of time after an interview for everyone to be interviewed, as well as going through the decision making process. This will keep you fresh on the interviewers mind and let them know that you are eager.

All Star Labor & Staffing has a wide variety of positions that are always coming available, so even if you are not selected for a certain position, continue to check in to see what other available jobs we have.

If you are ready to start a new career, or just simply find extra income, fill out our application online today at then call to schedule your interview!

Easy Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation

It’s probably something that most employers and managers forget about in their day to day, but a top contributor to a productive company is positive employee morale. Showing employee recognition and gratitude such as a thank you or a job well done can result in employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.
Showing appreciation doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive. In fact, employees are most grateful for noticing the small details of their work or accomplishments and being recognized for their contributions. For ten ways to show you employees you appreciate them, keep reading!
Easy Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation
Simply say, “thank you”
Employees like knowing that their hard work and contribution is recognized and valued, so remember to thank employees for a job well done. A simple please and thank you will go very far in the work place and keep employees happy.
Praise a job well done
Take notice of the accomplishments your employees achieve and praise them no matter how small the job detail is. In your next meeting, maybe congratulate them on a job well done and share your gratitude.
Share good news
In your team meetings, take a moment to share something positive going on in either your work life or personal life. This will start off every meeting on a good note.
Be open to suggestions
Start a suggestions program wherein employees are encouraged to give their input on improvements that could be made to increase the workplace efficiency. This will also help your employees feel heard.
Start a tradition
Depending on budget, start a tradition to which employees can look forward, whether it be ordering and enjoying lunch together weekly or doing a holiday potluck every year. Find something for which everyone can come together and celebrate.
Celebrate milestones
Find out everyone’s birthday or work anniversary and mark it on your calendar. Celebrate the day by ordering a cake or just having everyone sign a card. This will make an employee feel special and remembered.
Food always helps
You can never go wrong with food in the workplace. Consider offering food for many different occasions. Morning doughnuts, buying everyone lunch, or even just having snacks on hand can help employees enjoy their day.

Have a one on one
Do you have a new employee or just someone you really haven’t gotten to know very well yet? Invite them into your office and take a moment to really chat with them. Find out more about them both in their work life and personal life. Showing interest in your employees will show that you care about them as a whole.
Provide opportunity
Employees want chances to grow professionally. Offer opportunities for training or cross training into new departments or higher positions. Allow employees participate in community events in which they are able to network and represent your company. Let your employees know they have room for growth within your company and that you support them.



What You May Not Know About All Star Labor & Staffing

If you’re unfamiliar with All Star Labor & Staffing, you may think we are just another “temporary agency” but we are so much more than that. We are a local Oregon company dedicated to helping our communities grow through employment. Founded in Portland in 2009, All Star Labor & Staffing is a boutique staffing agency started with one simple strategy: finding the top employees for local businesses in an approach tailored to each client’s needs.

That’s a little bit about us and what we do, but here are some fun facts that you may not know about All Star Labor & Staffing:

  1. We are local

All Star Labor & Staffing is an Oregon based company with five locations in Portland, Salem, Albany, Eugene and Bend. Our teams at all locations are locals just like you and are familiar with the area and have a lot of community ties. We enjoy supporting our community and enjoy being able to provide great jobs to our employees and great employees to local employers.

  1. More than temporary

Our positions available vary anywhere from half days to permanent hire. In fact, most of our positions available are full time, temp-to-hire positions. We listen to our employees needs and find them the right job that fits their preferences. Our three hiring options we offer are temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire.

  1. Employment is free

We do not charge our employees any fees for finding them work, ever. We can hire employees seventeen years of age and older and it is always free to let us help find you the right kind of work. Client quotes are also always free too, there is no charge until after an All Star employee has worked for you.

  1. We believe in second chances

All Star Labor & Staffing was developed with the mission of offering job opportunities to members of our community with past criminal backgrounds that have prevented them from finding work. We pride ourselves on hiring everyone whether they have a background or not. We also partner with many wonderful businesses that also understand and believe in our mission.

  1. We tailor to your businesses needs

We are not one size fits all minded when it comes to our recruiting processes for different companies. All Star Labor & Staffing is committed to understanding the intricacies of your business so we can best serve you. From on-call temporary staffing to high-level direct hires, All Star has the knowledge and experience to meet your employee needs today and well into the future. Our highly effective, targeted recruiting methods attract reliable, hard-working candidates who will fit your position-specific criteria, your departmental needs and the overarching values of your company.

So, if you are looking for work, or are in need of some hard-working employees, contact us today.

Portland: 503.619.0811

Salem: 971.209.7130

Albany: 541.791.7928

Eugene: 541.228.9751

Bend: 541.389.1718