All Star Success Stories – Hunter Nelms 

All Star Success Stories – Hunter Nelms 

After five years in prison, Hunter was about to be released when one of our All Star employees visited the correctional facility to talk with the inmates about post release employment opportunities. Hunter met with Lenanne, they discussed work opportunities, and he says all that she asked for in return was for his hard work.

The day he was released, Hunter came directly to our Eugene office and met with the rest of our team. He interviewed with one of our clients the next day and was able to start full time just days later. Since then, he has been hired on permanently in the steel fabrication industry and loves what he does. He has been able to get back on his feet saying, “I firmly believe if it were not for the second chance given to me by All Star Labor & Staffing, I would not be where I am today.”

Recently, Hunter has begun working toward becoming a Youth Drug and Alcohol Counselor. He volunteers his time visiting youth institutions and halfway homes to tell his story, always acknowledging the All Star team for helping him get where he is today.

Thank you Hunter for sharing your story, and being such a delightful employee. You truly bring happiness and pride to our All Star Eugene office!

Six Qualities of a Successful Leader

Whether you’ve been in a managerial role your whole career or have just been placed in a new leadership position, everyone can benefit from a few reminders on what it takes to be a great leader. Being a great leader goes way beyond just your title and short term results. A great leader has the power to teach others and help guide them to their full potential. Empowering and leading them to build a better organization that is viewed as more than just a job. Here are six key leadership qualities that we feel makes a leader great:

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude can be contagious, and when it comes to keeping your workplace moral high, it is vital. A leader that shows enthusiasm and motivation will encourage others to have a positive attitude, which in turn will have a direct impact on the workplace environment and productivity. While it may be difficult to keep a smiling face in every situation at work, stifling personal negativity creates an excellent example for other employees.

Setting the Right Example

As a leader, your team is always watching you and your actions in the workplace and will likely follow suit. Be mindful of your day to day actions: your arrival time, professional attire, handling of stressful situations, and communication. Lead by example, your team is presumably likely to model their behavior off your actions.

Good Communicator

It is a leader’s responsibility to keep their team informed. Without clear communication your team cannot achieve the vision and the strategy to achieve the goal. Being a good communicator also means being aware of how you speak to your employees, so be cognizant of your tone and your body language. Words have the power to motivate and encourage.

Effective and Timely Decision Making

It is imperative that a good leader have the ability and training to make effective and timely decisions. Processing a lot of information and parsing the immediate and long term effects, while developing a strategic plan. Collaborating with your team on certain decisions will be key, but it is the leader’s responsibility to take ownership of any final decisions.


Leadership cannot be successful without empathy. Empathy is crucial to understanding individual struggles, and help those you support grow in the good times and bad. Find a way to connect with every individual on your team. This can be done one on one or incorporated into team building time.

Delegation and Empowerment

It is merely impossible to tackle every task by yourself. A good leader should empower their subordinates by delegating tasks appropriately while providing guidance and support along the way. Building up and empowering your team will strengthen your organization, allowing individuals to achieve their full potential. By properly delegating, you won’t overwhelm yourself, and you will allow your team the opportunity to be empowered by greater responsibility.

Tips To Save Money When Living Paycheck To Paycheck


Tips To Save Money When Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Saving money. We all have it in the back of our minds as something we should be doing, but it can seem very difficult, especially if you find yourself living to paycheck to paycheck. That unsettling feeling of wondering how you will cover surprise financial expenses can worry you sick, but starting an emergency fund is easier than you’d expect, it just takes a plan and discipline. Here are some strategies to get you started on saving money.

Find Your Reason

If your goal is to start a savings account when money is tight, knowing your reason ‘why’ will help motivate and keep you on the right track. Look at your long term goals: perhaps you want to save up for a new vehicle, down payment on a home, starting a family, or simply having an emergency fund. Establish your reason, write it down, and keep your eye on your goal.

Start Fresh

Hit the reset button on your savings mindset by looking into a new savings account, possibly even with a new bank. This can make it easier to focus on saving money without being tempted to easily move money from savings to checking on a whim. Keep that account separate and only for saving money. To start an initial balance, look around your house or vehicle for spare change, it all can add up quickly.

Investigate Your Spending

Go through all of your expenses and analyze exactly how much you are spending and where. Map out where your money is going each month, including any hidden fees or interest you may be paying without realizing. When it comes to saving money, you will need to take the time to find ways to “make room” in your finances. Once a week, pick a bill and contact that company to find if there are any ways to help you save. For example, contact your car insurance company and ask if they offer a good driver discount or long term member discount. Also, compare auto insurances to see if there is a similar company that is less expensive.

Establish a Plan

Now that you have pinpointed where all of your spending is going, it is time to establish a plan to save, and stick with it.

Write out a budgeting plan, and make it attainable. Set aside each monthly expense, and be prepared for unexpected charges such as vehicle registration. Having a set budget will keep you on track to saving and avoid a spontaneous urge to spend.

Find where you can save on additional expenses. Try removing takeout meals, entertainment and family vacations – these are great categories to start with. You’d be surprised to find yourself not even noticing the cutback as you’re saving.

Now that you know where you can save money and make expense cutbacks, it is time to start setting aside that money and building up a savings account. Even if your savings start out small, you will have a sense of relief knowing you have established an account and you have a goal that you are working toward. Watch with pride your account continues to grow each month.

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