All Star Success Stories – Joshua Emery 

All Star Success Stories – Joshua Emery 

Joshua found himself looking for work this past summer but was hesitant of utilizing a staffing agency for the thought of he wasn’t sure it would benefit him. After some online research and a little nudge from his wife, he decided to give All Star Labor & Staffing a try.

Within a week of interviewing with our Albany team, Joshua was busy doing anything and everything we had available. Some jobs he did were: horse stall clean outs, demolition, event set up, working the fair, pressure washing and a lot of general labor. Our Albany team cannot think of a single job that he ever turned down! By early September, Joshua had been offered a full time, temp-to-hire position with one of our largest companies. As he was being offered this position, we also had two other companies requesting him on full time as well.

Joshua has continued working full time and is about to be hired as a permanent employee. He says that All Star Labor & Staffing has changed his mind on staffing agencies. Since starting with us, he has been able to better support his family and pay off his fines. He is feeling accomplished and is able to do things he wasn’t able to do before.

Tips to Maximize Your All Star Labor & Staffing Experience

Tips to Maximize Your All Star Labor & Staffing Experience

All Star Labor & Staffing matches job seekers with reputable companies around Oregon and the Northwest. We pride ourselves on the success of our employees and the productivity they bring to our clients. To ensure a prosperous relationship with us and our teams, we have compiled a list to help maximize your employment potential. Here are seven tips to help you get the most out of working with us:

  1. Do your research

Before applying with All Star Labor & Staffing, do a little research so you understand what we do, how we work and what our mission is. All of this information can be found on our website at Go beyond that though. Ask around your community to hear other experiences of working with us to see if it will be a good fit for you.

  1. Take the interview seriously

Treat your interview with our recruiters just as you would any other job interview. Dress appropriately, arrive on schedule, be polite, and come prepared. How you present yourself in your interview with us may be seen as you will represent yourself in front of a potential employer.

  1. Be honest

Honesty is key when it comes to an effective partnership between you and our All Star team. Being up front and honest from the beginning helps us both in avoiding miscommunication and frustration. Some essential items to be straightforward about are: past jobs and reasons for leaving, skills, education, availability, jobs you’re willing to try, any criminal background and ability to pass a drug screen. We are here to help you, and the only way we are able to do that is if you are completely candid with us.

  1. Have an open mind

Even if permanent work is what you are looking for, keep an open mind to temporary work. These jobs can provide income until your ideal position is available, and can be an opportunity to learn new skills and expand your job network. Sometimes these temporary positions can turn into full-time, permanent positions as well.

  1. It’s okay to say “No”

While we would like to provide you with any available work that we can, it is okay to pass on jobs that you do not feel comfortable with. We don’t want you to feel that if you decline a position now that you will not be looked at for further placement. If you are not comfortable with a certain assignment, let us know from the beginning and we can continue our search for the right fit for you.

  1. Have good communication

Make it a point to stay in good communication with your All Star team. Keep us in the loop on your current job search status and update us once a week if you are still seeking employment. If your current situation or availability changes, please be sure to let us know so we can work around it. Feel free to call, text or email us.

Portland: 503.619.0811

Salem: 971.209.7130

Albany: 541.791.7928

Eugene: 541.389.1718

Bend: 541.389.1718

  1. Be proactive in your job search

 All Star Labor & Staffing cannot guarantee employment, but we are a great resource in assisting you in your employment search. It is your responsibility to be active in your job hunt and keep applying and networking. If you do find employment, great! Contact us, so our recruiters will know to pause their recruiting efforts until you contact us again.

Job Search Questions – Answered!

Job Search Questions – Answered!

The job search process can be confusing and overwhelming – even for the experienced job seekers. Between the job boards, applications, networking, resumes, cover letters, references, and especially the interview, I see why it can feel overwhelming. While we would like to help answer all your questions, there just isn’t enough time in one blog, but we have answered some of the most common job seeker questions for you.

I’ve applied everywhere but haven’t heard anything back. What am I doing wrong?

When it comes to applying for jobs, it’s all about quality over quantity. Carefully review the job description before applying. Tailor your cover letter, resume and response to each posting. Also, take time to review your resume and cover letter to ensure they are up to date with all of your information.

Should I apply for a job even if I don’t have the specified experience?

Absolutely! If you think you are qualified and able to handle the job requirements, it doesn’t hurt to apply. If you’re lacking in the amount of experience, education, or hard skills mentioned, that doesn’t necessarily rule you out as a candidate. Skills can be learned on the job and many employers are willing to train someone with the right attitude. This doesn’t mean to apply for every job posting you find though, be sure you are reasonably qualified for each specific job.

If a job posting asks for a cover letter, but I don’t have one, should I still apply?

No. This is starting off the processes by showing that you cannot follow direction which will reflect poorly on you. If this is a job that you are truly interested in, invest the time into putting together a well-developed cover letter, or whatever materials the job posting requests.

Should I consider a temporary staffing agency?

We strongly suggest partnering with a reputable staffing agency since many agencies have jobs available in a variety of industries with successful companies. For example, All Star Labor & Staffing has experienced hiring managers that sit down with you to discuss your specific employment needs, then find the right position for you. One interview with a staffing agency opens the doors to all of their jobs – instead of filling out an application for each positions.

How long should my resume be?

Your resume should be limited to one page. On average, a hiring manager spends less than a minute reviewing a resume, so your experience, skills and achievements need to shine through.

Do I put my references personal contact information on my resume?

Instead of putting their personal information directly on your resume for anyone to view, try adding the phrase: “References available upon request.” Protect the personal information of your reference, and if requested, it also lets you know that they are interested in you as a potential candidate. Of course, always have reliable personal references that you have already asked to be your reference beforehand, ready for contact upon request.

Should I include my salary history on my resume?

No, it is too early to discuss salary. Instead, wait until the interview process to talk about wage history and requirements. Bringing up wage requirements from the get go could hinder your chances of landing the job or even getting a call for an interview.

How early should I arrive for my interview?

Good practice is to arrive about ten to fifteen minutes early. While you wait, be sure to avoid talking on your phone or playing games. Instead, spend time reviewing your resume and mentally preparing for your interview.

Should I send a thank you message after my interview?

Yes! This stands out to hiring managers as a personal and professional touch where many other applicants may be lacking. This can be done either by hand or by email, but be sure to send it out as soon as possible after your interview.

Have a question that we didn’t cover? Leave us a comment and we will be sure to answer it!

To apply with All Star Labor & Staffing, and simplify your job search process, visit our online application at

Tips To Ace Your Phone Interview

Tips To Ace Your Phone Interview

Similar to an in-person interview, a phone interview requires proper preparation to ensure you bring your best. Many times, candidates view a phone interview as a lot less formal and may not take it as seriously as if they were in person. These conversations are the gateway to an in-person interview and possibly landing that job, so it’s equally as important. Here are some tips to help prepare you for any phone interviews in your future.


Familiarize yourself as much as possible with the company. Go through their website, mission statement, blog, and social media. Having a general sense about the work environment will benefit you, and may even impress the interviewer with your company knowledge.


Find a quiet location with limited potential for interruptions, and make sure this spot has good reception. Avoid somewhere that you can be easily distracted, such as in the living room with the television on, or in a crowded area.

Come Prepared

In front of you during your interview you should have your resume, cover letter, and job description. You may need to refer to information from these documents so keep them handy. Have your questions you prepared to ask the interviewer ready to go.

Dress the Part

It may sound over the top since it is a phone interview, but being dressed in the right attire can put you in a professional mindset. This doesn’t mean getting into a well-pressed business suit, but getting out of your pajamas and into some day clothes can help motivate your desire to tackle this interview.

Good Conversation

Since this is a phone interview, it depends solely on how you communicate. Ensure that you speak clearly, have good communication, and show enthusiasm. Avoid mumbling and try to talk directly into the phone. Try to make conversation that flows easily, you can do this by avoiding interruption or using one word answers. Show enthusiasm when you speak. The interviewer is looking for a qualified person that is excited for this position and wants to work for their company, so express that with the words and your tone.

What’s Next?

Before hanging up the phone, remember to ask about the next steps. Even if an in person interview isn’t schedule that at time, it will help manage your expectations. Be sure to follow up with a thank you message to your interviewer for taking the time to chat.