Assisting the Job Seeker in Their Pursuit of Employment: A Comprehensive Approach

At All Star Labor & Staffing, we understand that looking for work is stressful.  We know that every job seeker has a “moment before”.  They are coming from various points of crisis; there’s a reason why they’re looking for work.  We also acknowledge that we cannot employ everyone that we encounter.  Taking all of this into account, we take a comprehensive approach as we assist job seekers by offering resources.

As a job seeker, one can NEVER have too many irons in the fire.  Each one represents a 50/50 chance that something’s going to pop or something’s not.  To that end, resources are extremely beneficial.  As stated earlier, we are not able to find work for everyone.  While we are a Second Chance Employer, we are unable to work with those that have sexual offense related felonies. For those with that particular challenge, each one of our branches has 4-6 resources where they may be able to secure employment.  At job fairs, we encounter job seekers that are looking for positions of which we don’t currently recruit.  For those seeking niche-specific jobs, we offer a comprehensive list of specialty staffing agency resources in each branch community.  At the end of the day, we want to help people achieve their employment goals whether we’re providing them with work or not.

By offering resources, we hope to relieve some of the stress that comes with looking for employment.  Whether the job seekers walk through our doors, or we meet them at a job fair; whether we can employ them or not, we want to make sure that they walk away with a resource that will get them closer to their employment goals.

Labor Contractors – Let Us Help!

The warm weather is back in Oregon and that means there is outdoor work to be done. If you are a contractor with some big projects this summer, let All Star Labor & Staffing help supply you with qualified employees to ensure the work gets done on schedule.

Partnering with us before the busy season can help you be prepared when your labor needs arise. All Star Labor & Staffing can help your business succeed this summer in these ways and more:

  1. All Star Labor & Staffing has employees available for as long as a project takes, with a four hour minimum.
  2. We offer vetted laborers who bring verified skills to your team.
  3. We handle employee paperwork, weekly payroll, employee taxes, benefits administration, garnishments, unemployment claims and more.
  4. We deal with workers compensation insurance on your behalf to minimize the stress of onsite injuries.
  5. We tailor our labor search to the single employee needs and requirements of your company.

So whether you’re a small businesses needing a single employee, or a large construction company needing a whole crew, All Star Labor & Staffing has professional, hard-working employees ready to get to work. For more information visit our website at

To request a quote in Portland, Salem, Albany or Eugene call 503-558-3911 to speak with Allen Gilbert.

For the Bend area call 541-389-1718 to speak with Scott Reynolds.