About Us

All Star Labor & Staffing, founded in Portland in 2009, is a boutique staffing agency that offers Oregon companies a level of customer service and customization that larger, corporate staffing agencies are unwilling or unable to provide. Founder and CEO Ramona Mathany spent 16 years in the PEO business providing clients with payroll, HR, insurance and administrative services before starting All Star Labor & Staffing. She brought this expertise into her staffing business, while also committing to provide companies with their most important asset – their people.

With a history of helping companies tackle their biggest problems, Ramona took over a flailing staffing service and sought to revive it with a new approach. Her idea was simple: recruit the best employees for local businesses with an approach tailored to each client’s individual needs. She set out to find seasoned, effective recruiters and staffing coordinators to help realize her vision of redefining staffing in Oregon with integrity and personalized service.

All Star Labor & Staffing has become a highly respected, successful recruitment and employment agency with a reputation for quality service and attention to what makes each business unique. We strive to help employers grow their companies while helping employees develop their careers. To that end, our professional consultants will match you with candidates who have the skills and experience that you’re looking for. We provide industry-specific staffing solutions for temporary, seasonal, contract, ongoing, and permanent assignments.

For more information about how partnering with All Star Labor & Staffing can benefit your company and your bottom line profit, please contact us today.