How All Star Labor & Staffing Works

During my time as an Account Manager with All Star Labor & Staffing, I would often get asked the question of, “How does this work?” I would always enjoy letting them know all the benefits that we can offer. This made me realize how many people are still unfamiliar with what we do, which is completely normal unless you’ve ever worked with an agency before. So I wanted to share exactly how we work so everyone can have a better understanding.

How we find jobs

We partner with businesses around that area that have staffing needs that they are not able to always fill. Many have their own employees already, but are in need of additional employees and may not have the time or resources to actively recruit full time. These positions can be a wide variety from short term, full time, and temp to hire positions. We work around the client’s needs, they give us their requirements and we get to work.

How we fill positions

Once a client’s request has been made, the recruiting process takes place, we call this “filling the order.” This is done typically in three steps:

The first step is finding qualified candidates whether they’re already registered in our system or posting advertisements to attract the right candidates. Our recruiters will go through hundreds of resumes and applications looking at past experience, education, and skills to see if they’re a good match.

The second step is interviewing and screening. We sit down with every single employee to actually interact with them to see if they will be a good fit for the company’s culture. We administer any required testing if we feel they would be a good addition. Once they have passed all of the client’s requirements such as employment reference checks, background checks, drug screens, testing skills proficiency, and behavioral assessment, we submit their information to the client to review.

The final step is hiring. If you are one of the lucky candidates that are selected you will now be working with that company but still an All Star employee (unless this is a direct hire position.) The duration of your employment is determined by the client.

What type of jobs we offer

We partner with a wide variety of businesses and industries in our areas, so we can offer a multitude of job opportunities. These are the three employment options we offer:


These are short term assignments where a client may just need help on a single project or event. These types of jobs can go anywhere from a half day to a couple months depending on the needs of the client. This is a great option for employees looking for variety or have a busy schedule, they can fit these jobs in when they’re available.



These positions are for growing businesses that are looking for a full time, permanent candidate. This allows the company to see how well you preform and if you’re the right fit for the culture before hiring you on permanently. Once you have accrued the required amount of hours, you would then be eligible for permanent hire.


Direct hire.

We work in partnership with our clients to find the top qualified candidates for their position by recruiting, interviewing and screening. Once selected, candidates are hired on directly with the client.


All Star Labor & Staffing is here to help you find that new career or just help you earn some extra income. We listen to your needs and pair you with the right jobs with the right companies. Complete our application today and let us help get you to work!

How to Be Successful in Your First 90 days

You have successfully completed your first couple of months with your new job. The goal for your next month is to establish yourself in your new role, take ownership of it and demonstrate that you bring real value to this organization. Here are some helpful tips to set yourself up for long-term success with your company and career.

Challenge yourself
Set ambitious goals for yourself and continue to conquer them while striving further every time. Make daily, weekly and monthly goals for yourself and prioritize them by importance. It is too easy for someone to gravitate toward a goal or task that they are most comfortable in doing.

Get feedback.
Ask your manager for a moment to evaluate your performance and find where you could improve. This is also a great way to check in and make sure you’re both on the same page. Take this opportunity to let your manager know what goals you have set for yourself and ask what milestones the company would like you to accomplish in the next few months too. Come prepared with suggestions on how you think you could help the company could improve, as well.

Find improvements.
Now that you are familiar with the processes, look for inefficiencies that you can improve — perhaps tasks that can be automated, or workflows that can be improved. This could be as simple as reorganizing spreadsheets. These will give you easy wins that show you are a valuable team player.

Have a long term mindset.
Mentally commit yourself to this role and the organization, look at your potential in the long run. Where could you see yourself in the company in one, maybe even five years? What do you have to do to achieve that? Stay up to date with everything going on in the industry so you can always come prepared with new ideas to keep the business thriving while setting yourself up for success.

Congratulations, hopefully you will ace your way through your first ninety days at your new job and be prepared for a long term success in this career. Let’s do a quick review of some key points to surviving and thriving your first ninety days.

– Ask questions
– Introduce yourself
– Make friends and a mentor
– Be observant
– Look for improvements
– Ask for feedback
– Have a positive attitude
– Set goals

Be sure to check out more of our blogs posted and stay tuned for more tips and advice on how to be your most successful self in the workplace.

Mastering Your First Month.

Congratulations, you have survived your first week at your new job! By now you have probably gotten settled into your new workplace, made a couple friends, and maybe even helped out on a few projects, however at this point it is time to start focusing on establishing yourself and moving into the first month stage. Here are some tips to help guide you into success.

Keep asking questions.

Asking questions is how you will learn and grow in your career. It’s now time to start asking more questions about what you can do to help your team. Ask to be included more in day to day tasks and write down all the important details. Question like, “What are our quarterly goals and how can I help achieve them?” would be appropriate at this time.

What is expected of you?

Have a discussion with your manager to define what their expectations are and come prepared with a plan on how you plan to achieve those expectations. Ask to do a feedback meeting at the end of your first month to see how you have progressed and where you can improve.

Find your niche.

You were hired for a reason and it is time to let your skills and talents shine. Bring your many strengths to the table to fill in where your team needs you. Find out what a struggle is within the company and search for a way to improve the problem.

Study the culture.

Every work environment has its own people dynamics which is very important to observe because understanding the culture will help you fit in and grow. Keep making new connections and allowing other to get to know you too. By interacting with coworkers and attentively observing how everyone works and collaborates, you’ll gain valuable insight into the company and group culture.

Double check your work

You are still in the “extended interview” period so you want to always try to make a good impression. You haven’t be working here long enough to have your work fine groomed yet so be sure to double check your work and even ask a fellow colleague to look something over. While you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with the stress of being perfect, you do want to put your best foot forward any chance you get.

Stay motivated.

While you may not be as motivated as you were on day one, keep a positive attitude and be appreciative of this opportunity that you worked so hard for. For help, find someone in the company that you look up to, what did they have to do to get where they are? Make those your goals and stay focused on your career growth.

Conquering Your First Week.

Congratulations, you just started your new job! Now you may be getting a little nervous about your first week and how to make the best impression. Don’t worry, we have you covered with some easy tips on how to ease into your new position and be successful.

You may be feeling a little overwhelmed right now, but that’s completely normal. This is the time to meet new people and figure out the environment and where you fit in.

Introduce yourself. Studies have shown that anxiety can come from a new situation and not feeling confident in introducing yourself – that’s completely normal so shake off those nerves and let your enthusiasm shine through. Here are some ways to relieve the stress of introducing yourself.

  • Have an energetic opening line ready so you’re prepared to introduce yourself to a new faces.
  • Enlist the help of someone that you already know to break the ice.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and timing. If someone seems distracted, keep it short and don’t interrupt meetings to make your introduction.
  • Try your best to remember names. An easy way to help is by repeating it back to them upon your introduction. If you do forget, don’t feel bad in simply asking, “Remind me of your name.”

Ask questions. As you’re learning your new position, you can’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions. By asking managers and peers more questions, it will get you up to speed more quickly.

  • Write down your questions, and the answers. Having a pen and paper ready is very helpful. Even if a question seems simple, you don’t want to ask it twice.
  • Prioritize your questions. In your first week, it is important to get the most important information you need to know first, without overwhelming coworkers with questions.

Make a new friend and a mentor. It is important to find a fellow colleague that you can talk to as this will ease the stress of being the newcomer. This may be the person sitting next to you or another newcomer, but having someone to rely on will give you stability. Find a mentor, it’s beneficial to have an experienced employee that you can talk and learn from.

Navigate. Get familiar with your workplace. Locate where the breakroom, meeting rooms, coffee and water etc. If you have not been given a tour yet, ask a colleague for one. Also, this is the time to look into your commute. Research routes quickest to your work place to ensure you arrive on time.

While there is a lot to learn during this period, try to enjoy this opportunity to meet new people, learn new processes and hopefully set yourself up for long-term success within your company.

8 Eye Catching Resume Tips

Resumes are your marketing document to sell yourself, they are how you get noticed and hopefully an opportunity for an interview. Although, many people feel putting together a resume can be tough or overwhelming, but no need to stress, here are some tips to get your resume noticed.

  1. Keep it professional

Your resume is a business document so you must keep it professional. Get rid of the pictures, silly email address and personal introductions. While you make think it’s funny, your potential employer may not and that could hinder your chances of landing employment. Stick the facts, and keep it professional.

  1. Promote yourself

Your resume talks on your behalf so you need to sell yourself! Don’t be shy, this is your time to brag about your accomplishments, abilities and skills. Focus on what can I bring to this organization and bring those abilities to light. Emphasize your skills, especially ones this company is looking for as this will catch a recruiter’s eye.

  1. Find a template

The frustrating days of fiddling with margins and formats with Microsoft Word are over! There are endless free templates online that you can download and input your information. This will help keep your information nice, organized and easy for someone to navigate through. Remember to keep it simple though, you don’t want one over the top trying to stand out.

  1. Use one page

Recruiters are typically busy people going through tons of resumes so chances are they may not even get to the second page of your resume. Avoid adding every single detail of your work history and all of your job duties.  Plus, a well-groomed resume give your accomplishments room to shine.

  1. Create more than one resume

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably worked in a variety of industries and have gained unique skills from each. To help your resume stand out, create multiple resumes for each industry. Simply use the same template then edit the information, but be sure to tailor the information to a particular job prior to submitting your resume.

  1. Keep it simple

Skip the fancy fonts, and colorful text, as an employer only wants to look at the facts. Not only can colorful backgrounds, text and images but distracting but sometimes also not compatible with different software. If an employer is having trouble opening and viewing your resume, it may get skipped.

  1. Make copies

You want to have copies of your resume with you at all times while job searching and always bring a copy with you to an interview. Another great tip is to have a digital copy saved in your email so if you need to email it, you got it right at your fingertips

  1. Check and recheck.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are very important in a resume. Too many errors in a resume can appear to not pay attention or show you don’t put forth much effort and may result in your resume being passed on. Re-read every single word on your resume and also have someone else read over it prior to submitting.

So go find that perfect resume template that fits your personality and get to work! I promise that a well put together resume will be very beneficial for you and All Star Labor & Staffing’s recruiters in your job search.


Your Authentic Self at Work

When you start a new job, do you do your best to fit in and fall in line with the culture of the company? If so, you may start to feel like you are not being yourself, or you simply cannot be yourself so you decide you can’t possibly continue in that workplace and jump to the next.

It costs a company a lot of money to hire and rehire so it is in their best interest to retain their employees – especially the good ones. It takes time, effort and money to constantly hire and train new staff. At All Star Labor & Staffing it is imperative that we not only fit qualified people with each job but fit personality and character as well. It is in all our best interest to foster your individual talents and skills because companies want you to be an asset.

How do you not leave YOU behind when you walk into work? The following are ways you can fit into the culture but also set your own tone and exemplify authenticity in your workplace:

Be your authentic you from the start. Be upfront about the way you work best, express your ideas and put your whole self into your work. Just remember that everyone of your co-workers should be allowed to be their true, whole selves as well. Acceptance and appreciation leads to a happy and healthy work environment. It also makes it a more creative and collaborative one since everyone brings their own special skills to the table.

Ask the tough questions. Ask questions that will lead you to what you need to do to get ahead, fit in, and stand out. Find out how your company values creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Don’t be too fearful to ask about technology usage, performance reviews, the promotion process, or any other facet of your work. Transparency creates communication between employer and employee and that can lead to the autonomy of self-expression.

Let others in. When you let others know the reason behind how you choose to work and share your ideas you give insight into how your authentic self helps you perform better at work. Also giving permission for others to appreciate your true, authentic self.

How do you bring your authentic self into your work?

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Working With Staffing Agencies

There’s no question the staffing and recruitment industry is growing considerably, with millions of Americans employed on any given business day. If you’re an active job seeker or simply looking to expand your career prospects, connect with a staffing coordinator who can speed up and simplify your job search. Here are five reasons to consider working with a staffing agency:

1. Recent grads need real-world work experience. While working with a staffing agency you are gaining valuable real-world experience that you can add to your resume.

2. Companies rely on staffing agencies. As the business community embraces an “on-demand” workforce, more and more employers are turning to staffing firms who use emerging job search technologies alongside their human instincts to deliver the best-fit talent they are looking for.

3. Recruiters can be your career agent. We all know wading through the online world of job listings, LinkedIn and social media can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating. You don’t have to go it alone. We have posted a couple examples of people who have “found a job every time they walked through the door” here at All Star Labor & Staffing. Both Terry and Ed worked consistently over a decade with us and now have found themselves in a full-time, forever job that they are extremely happy with.

4. Not just for temps! Many people assume staffing agencies only offer temporary positions. Our staffing coordinators are often asked to search for full-time, permanent and temporary-to-hire positions across a wide range of industries. Even workers who begin working as a temporary employee are often hired permanently after proving their value. In fact, we have found that roughly 40 percent of companies we place temps at say many of the top talent in their company began as an All Star temporary worker.

5. It’s free. There aren’t many things you get for free these days, but working with a staffing company is one of them. With the many benefits a job seeker can access through a staffing firm, why wouldn’t you work with one?

7 Habits of A Powerful Leader

7 Habits of A Powerful Leader
By Ramona Mathany
Owner, American Admin, Inc. & All Star Labor and Staffing

In times of uncertainty, we look to our leaders to guide us. In order to be a true and powerful leader you must stick to your principles. If you heard someone described as a powerful leader, you might assume he or she would be the loudest person in the room, the one telling everyone else what to do. But powerful does not mean dominating. In fact, a controlling, dominating person is the very opposite of a powerful leader. So what exactly makes a powerful leader and how do you become one? Here are the 7 essential habits of a powerful leader:

1. Do not control others
Powerful leaders do not try to control, convince, or manipulate other people or their behaviors. They know it doesn’t work, and it’s not their job. Their job is to control themselves.

2. Create a respectful environment
Powerful leaders are able to consciously and deliberately create the environment by showing respect. They deliberately set the standard for how they expect to be treated by the way they treat others. As they consistently act in responsible, respectful, and loving ways, it becomes clear that only people who can get close to them are those who know how to show respect, be responsible, and love well.

3. Refuse to be a victim
Life does not happen to powerful leaders, powerful leaders make choices and decision to navigate proactively. They are not controlled or infected by their environment. Powerful leaders refuse the play the victim by shifting responsibility for their choices onto others.

4. Require others around you to be powerful
When powerful leaders encounter a powerless person, they are not tempted to dive into any unhealthy emotional ties or attachments. They hear a victim’s sob story and ask, “so what are you going to do about that? What have you tried? What else could you try?” These questions confront powerless people with their responsibility and their capacity to make choices and control themselves. This is the only option a powerful leader will offer to powerless people: become powerful, make choices, and control yourself.

5. Make daily decisions that align with your vision
Powerful leaders do not simply react to whatever is happening today. They are able to take responsibility for their decisions and the consequences of those decisions – even for mistakes and failures. They can respond to today and create tomorrow. Powerful leaders have a vision and mission for their life, and can use the events of each day, whether positive or negative, to direct themselves toward that vision.

6. Let your “yes” be “yes” and “no” be “no”
Popular opinion or the pressure of others does not sway the language of powerful leaders. They know exactly what they want and how to communicate their desires. A powerful leader says, “I will. I do. I am.” Powerful leaders can say both “yes” and “no,” and mean it. Others can try to manipulate, charm and threaten, but their answer will stand.

7. Consistently demonstrate who you say you are
Powerful leaders can be who they say they are on a consistent basis. And because they know how to be themselves, they invite those around them to be themselves. Only powerful leaders can create a safe place to know and be known intimately. They say, “I can be me around you and you can be you around me. We do not need to control each other, and we don’t want to control each other. “

We all have room to grow in becoming powerful leaders. No matter what, know that every step on the journey to getting free and being a powerful leader in your own life is worth it. Choosing to say “yes!” to a life of responsibility will be one filled with adventure and joy. Do not let powerlessness and a victim mentality steal from you any longer. YOU can be powerful leader who can make powerful decisions implementing these 7 traits.

Ramona Mathany is owner and director of All Star Labor & Staffing and American Admin Inc.

New All Star Labor & Staffing Branch in the News Again!

The opening of our new branch in Eugene is in the news again in the Business Beat section of the Register-Guard:

Open for business

Portland-based All Star Labor & Staffing has opened in Eugene at 235 W. 10th Ave. Branch manager is Kris Gruba, who has worked in business management for more than 20 years. Phone: 541-228-9751.

All Star Labor & Staffing – In The News

Ramona Mathany, Director All Star Labor & Staffing

Our Fearless leader Ramona Mathany was in the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper commenting on the unemployment rate in Lane County as All Star has opened a new branch in Eugene, Oregon this week!

Lane County April jobless rate of 4 percent stayed near record low

By Sherri Buri McDonald
The Register-Guard
May 24, 2017

Lane County’s unemployment rate has been holding near the record low set in February, according to the latest state Employment Department report released Tuesday.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4 percent in April, virtually unchanged from March, the report said.

While the jobless rate has stayed low, over-the-year job growth in Lane County has started to slow, said Brian Rooney, a labor economist with the department.

“It had been at about 2.5 percent,” he said. In April, “it was 1.7 percent.”

“When you have rapid employment growth it’s hard to maintain that percentage increase” over an extended period, Rooney said.

He said nothing negative on the horizon would suggest a sustained downturn in job growth.

Total nonfarm employment, not adjusted for seasonal fluctuations, rose by 1,100 jobs in April. It was up 2,700 from April 2016 for over-the-year job growth of 1.7 percent. That compares with the overall state growth rate of 2.1 percent in April.

Total nonfarm payroll employment in Lane County was 159,500 in April, up from 158,400 in March.

Lane County showed regular seasonal gains in April.

Ramona Mathany, director of Portland-based All Star Labor & Staffing, recently opened an office in Eugene, at 235 W. 10th Ave. It is her firm’s sixth office. The others are in Portland, Bend, Salem and Albany.

With summer coming and a stronger economy, she anticipates filling many positions for laborers in such industries as construction, landscaping and manufacturing.

Mathany also thinks hospitality in Eugene will be a hot industry for her company.

“In our Portland branch, we find a lot of servers, cooks and baristas,” she said. “We feel in Eugene there’s a lot of great restaurants and caterers and wedding (venues) that we’ll have a good-size hospitality (clientele.)”

In Lane County in April, leisure and hospitality gained 300 jobs, for a total of 17,100.

Retail trade added 200 jobs, for a total of 20,300. Education and health services gained 200, for a total of 25,800. Professional and business services, which includes temporary staffing, added 200, for a total of 17,900. Construction gained 100 for a total of 6,600.

Government lost 400 jobs in April, the report said. A loss of 500 in local government education, which includes the University of Oregon, was countered by a 100 gain in noneducation local government.